About Us

North Delta ConservancyThe North Delta Conservancy (NDC) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation formed in 1991, as a land trust in the northern Sacramento River Delta region. An organization originally formed by farmers and land owners of the River Delta to conserve and enhance agricultural, recreational, and wildlife and natural resources.

NDC developed habitat leases with famers to set aside land for waterfowl and also managed marginal lands such as levees to develop native grasses for upland gamebirds.  In 1994, NDC started the Wood Duck Nesting program to help provide nesting sites for Wood ducks along the sloughs on the Delta and two years later, the Duck Egg Rescue program to assist farmers being stewards of their land when prepping or harvesting while protecting the local duck populations.

NDC has been very active in educational outreach including in classroom activities, fieldtrips to Stone Lakes National Refuge, and participants in community programs and events such as at the library and at Freeport Walk on the Wildside event.  NDC also provides scholarships to local graduating high school and college freshman students interested in majoring in environmental, agricultural, or wildlife related fields.

The NDC Board of Directors meets the first Monday of each month at our office in Courtland at 6:30pm (winter Daylight Saving time) and 7:30pm (summertime Daylight Saving time). Interested volunteers are welcome to attend.