Bob Cherny, Biography

Robert (Bob) Cherny was truly a man for all seasons. For 60 years, he was an avid fisherman and hunter of waterfowl and other game animals. He was a competent gunsmith and developed or modified a number of rifles, which he used in his favorite hobby of long range varmint shooting. Another of Cherny’s passions was building and flying model airplanes.

Cherny was a long-time member and supporter of the California Waterfowl Association (CWA) and the California Wood Duck Program. He was a conservationist and a member of the North Delta Conservancy for 8 years and served as president for 3 years. He was responsible for the development and maintenance of the second largest wood duck project in the state, with over 300 nest boxes. Cherny spent many happy hours in the field monitoring his nest boxes and banding his incubating hens. He was also an inspiration to many other people in the North Delta area, helping them start their own wood duck projects by providing boxes, poles, and ranch access.